Her life spanned ninety-five years and there were only two loves in her life. The first is long gone but the second still stands as a symbol of her lost love and new beginnings.


About Belle Haven

Jaye Burke returns with a touching historical saga of how one woman endured cruelty, betrayal, and loss spanning almost a century. From the dark days of The Great War to experiencing years of unexpected new beginnings, Venice Arial dictates a tragic narrative of the Lost Generation and how a shattered heart can finally mend.

About the Author

I am a southern girl through and through and have lived in three beautiful cities in the south - my beloved Birmingham, AL, New Orleans, LA, and now Atlanta, GA. Inspired at an early age by my late aunt, a noted Alabama historian, I love escaping into the vast history of my southern roots and living the dream of a historical fiction author. There are no plans to disturb my slumber—it’s who I am.

Praise for Jaye's Work

“Burke keeps the reader invested by supplying fun cultural nostalgia, unique characters, a riveting storyline, drama, and lovely romance.”

—The Booklife Prize


“I am going to read more of this author's work.”

—Amazon on The Reluctant Glamour Girl

“It's such a lovely, emotional story, in parts your heart will be breaking. One to read in a comfortable chair on a winter's day.”

—Netgalley on In My Wildest Dreams

“Burke writes wonderful, lyrical prose. When you read her books, you can see the setting -smell it even. She understands the mood of the south.”


“A great nostalgic book for anyone who grew up in the 70s like I did.”


“I enjoyed reading this suspenseful, engaging historical novel about WWII taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. Interesting characters and imaginative plot.
I like this author!”

—Amazon on The Reluctant Glamour Girl

Also by Jaye Burke


Coming in 2024

Young historian and researcher, Dr. Neely Shaw, discovers a brittle and tattered envelope in what remains of an abandoned old house in rural Alabama. Inside is a letter dated 1908 nominating a phantom hotel for a listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Neely wants to take on the project to learn the origin of the letter, but mystical occurrences, ghostly sightings, and strange hallucinations interfere with her research and could derail the investigation.


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