What is the saying? “You can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl?” Very true. I’m a southern girl through and through and thinking of living anywhere else is out of the question—unless it’s a cottage in Cotswolds.

As a proud Birmingham, Alabama native, I spent fourteen years as a newspaper fashion artist and copywriter for The Birmingham News and well-known department stores after moving to New Orleans. Then we were transferred to a new city, and my creative mind led me in another direction.

During the decades as a floral and event designer in Atlanta, the story I wanted so desperately to write remained tucked in the back of my mind. But working full time and being the mother of three children put my story on hold.

Now my children are grown and I’m an adoring grandmother. My husband and I live in our pretty little cottage in the north Atlanta suburbs with our feisty dachshund, Cristobel, the small child we adopted in 2019.

I can also add that the story I waited so long to write was published and a few more since then. I haven’t given up my love of floral design, but I am living my dream of writing southern fiction and women’s historical fiction. What a dream it’s been, and I never want to wake up!